This story is for those of you who have not yet had the privilege and benefit of a holistic and yet, self-centered approach to full recovery from a long battle with addictions. In this particular instance we are talking specifically about a long-term faith-based recovery program which is only ever going to work if you commit yourself to it for the long haul. Believe this story, recovery does not happen overtime and there are not likely to ever be quick-fix alternative solutions to your addictions. The very first step towards recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem. The next step in your recovery is the sobering reminder that you need to do something radical but rational to help get you out of this black hole. This story gets better once you’ve taken a vested interest in it. We strongly advise that you do this right now. It’s in your […]

As a man ages, his natural production of testosterone decreases. Testosterone is a hormone and without it our body suffers in many ways. With low estrogen levels in the body, the men suffering experience an array of problems with low test. These problems affect their day to day lifestyle and make it difficult to do some of the things that you once loved to do! A deceased libido and low sex drive are just two of the problems experienced by men with low testosterone. Loss of energy is yet another consequence, and some men find it difficult to lose weight once t levels are low. But, there is help and there is hope. If you think that you are bothered by low testosterone levels it is a must that you make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Getting help for low testosterone is possible if you act […]

Military vets that have received a disability associated with their service may qualify or monthly benefits. Military vets can possibly receive up to $3,300 monthly to cover injuries and diseases that were caused by the job or those that occurred while in the military. The money that is received through military disability is tax-free. To qualify, you must have an honorable discharge from the military. Although the monthly allotted amounts for disability payments is $3,300, it is not guaranteed that this is the money you will be given each month. Payments range from one person to the next, with some as little as $150 per month. Your disability severity is the biggest factor that determines how much you receive, as the number of dependents. To receive disability payments you must first be approved to receive them. The application is available with the local Veterans Administration, both in person and online. […]

As we age it gets more difficult to handle tasks that we once did with complete ease. Tasks such as running to the pharmacy to pick up medications or cleaning the house are difficult. But, you don’t need a rocking chair and going into a nursing home is definitely out of the question. The alternative that works for seniors that need a bit of extra care but who do not want to go to the nursing home is a senior living community. Perks of a Senior Living Community The perks of a senior living community are numerous. Let’s take a look: He senior is able to maintain livelihood There are tons of activates taking place at these senior living communities, with people who are around the same age. So , there is never a tiring moment because someone is always there to spend it with Meals and housekeeping is provided […]

You get only one chance with your teeth; make it count. You do not want the consequences of not taking care of your teeth. Those pearly white teeth that show so brightly when you smile may not always be so pretty if you are not taking the best care of your teeth. Continue reading and learn how to take the best care of your mouth. Brush and Floss: Brushing and flossing are the best things that you can do for your teeth. You should brush in the morning and again before bedtime. If you can fit in a third brushing, go for it. Be sure that you brush for two minutes when you brush. Sweets: Candy and other sweet treats may taste dandy, but they are also very harmful to your teeth. it is best to avoid candy and other sugary sweets altogether, but if nothing else, make sure that […]

Your spine can be the “make or break” of your day if you are dealing with pain. Since it’s the central area that controls all of your nerves and other such related things, it’s a good idea for you to go ahead and get treatment if you are finding that back pain is a regular part of your life. That being said, you may assume that the only way to get things done correctly is by getting surgery or some other sort of invasive treatment. The fact of the matter is, non-invasive spinal treatment is a lot more common and easier to access than you realize. Chiropractors and other specialists actually work to try and ensure that their patients don’t have to go under the knife or deal with any other type of invasive treatment plans. They will work with you so that you stay comfortable and so that your […]

Advanced diagnostic ultrasound and imaging is used to get a clear view inside of your body. It is an easy, painless procedure that is performed thousands of times every single day. Patents that use ultrasounds can do so without worry or hassle. The machines are easily accessible and used by most doctors out there. Your Ultrasound Appointment You may need to drink a special concoction directed by your doctor, depending upon the type of ultrasound you are having. It is a good idea for you to arrive at your appointment with a full bladder since the insides seem to be brighter when you do. Arrive for your ultrasound appointment ahead of time, especially if it is your first time visiting that particular clinic. There is likely mounds of paperwork you will need to complete so arriving early ensures that you are seen on time. Wear comfortable clothing to the appointment […]

Are you getting enough of the vitamins that you need each day? Vitamins as well as minerals are important to consume each day. They impact the bones, muscle, and skin in the body, helping produce red blood cells that carry these nutrients throughout the body. Nutrients are responsible for transmitting chemical messengers to one part of the body as well. Without the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals each day, your body greatly suffers and you may find yourself face to face with a number of different health concerns. Each day there are at least 30 different vitamins needed by your body. These vitamins are not produced in the body, or they are produced at such low volume it is not sufficient. Vitamins that are labeled as essential vitamins are done so because the body so greatly depends upon them to maintain health. Each of the vitamins needed by the […]

The sooner you begin getting treatment for low t from doctors, the sooner you can get your life back. Low testosterone is something that occurs as we age. Men who lose testosterone levels lose some of their vivaciousness as well, since they have lowered energy levels, a decreased libido and less desire for sexual experiences. This affects a man in many other ways, however, and also impacts his spouse, if married. Low testosterone is not a permanent thing; there are many ways to regain proper levels. It all starts with a visit to your doctor to learn how to do this. There is not a one size fits all treatment for low testosterone. The actual treatment varies, depending upon what has caused the decrease in your levels. Many doctors actually use a combination of treatments to provide the best results. Many medications are available to men with low t levels. […]

Custom designed hearing aids

Custom designed hearing aids are available for individuals experiencing hearing loss of any magnitude. These hearing aids are made specifically for the wearer, bringing along many benefits with them. Some of those benefits include: Better fit Better feel Usually cannot be seen from outside of the ear These benefits are just some of the many that you will enjoy with the custom made hearing aid made for your needs. The best in Hearing Aids If you need a hearing aid, it is in your best interest to consider those that are custom made. They offer far greater benefits than any regular hearing aid could think of offering. And, best of all, they do not cost a lot more than what you would spend for the traditional hearing aid. Why not pay a few extra bucks to get a product that you know is made just for your needs? Schedule an […]

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